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Posted by Helena

EOnline – « I think the letter, at first, will pose more questions than it actually answers, » McGrath told E! News over the phone. « That’s kind of why the driving force of the next episode and the next few episodes is Lena and Alex and Supergirl trying to figure out how to catch Lex and what he’s been up to, and hopefully in figuring out what he’s been up to, it’s going to help them catch Lex. »
For once, Supergirl, Alex, and Lena will have a « common enemy and a common goal, » McGrath says, which allows Lena and Supergirl to « put aside these petty differences that have been sort of plaguing their relationship for a season and a half, » because ultimately, they really do want the same thing. »They both believe in the greater good and helping humanity, » McGrath says. « They just come at it from two completely different sides, like the left wing and the right wing, but they ultimately both want the same thing and the search for Eve and this need to catch Lex sort of unites them and you see them all working together, but at the same time in doing that, Lena is still dealing with the secret that she helped Lex, and she has to carry that through as well.« 

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