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There are occasions that call for proper attire. Something that is appropriate to the event or occasion being celebrated. It should be worn both with confidence and great ease. When dressing up for formal occasion, you get an instant closet inventory that consumes hours of your time. Men can easily avoid wardrobe malfunction, while some women experience scrutiny and embarrassment when the accessory is not a match to the outfit they have chosen for the event.

The first tip is to consider the event. What the event is all about, where it is taking place and who are the people you are most likely to encounter. Dressing up for wedding would be obviously be different from the dress code for playing table games! Weddings would require something conventional and covered. Avoid dressing in ultra-bright colors in order not to take the eyes of the attendees from the bride or groom. Settle for something pale, decent and a little attractive. Graduations, evening dinners for awards or appreciations would mean you have to find a suit if you are a guy or you can wear a tux in a less formal way. For campaign dinners, it is again important for women to appear simple and elegant and not dramatic or eye catching. Functions attended by high powered professionals are a strict stage of business and transparency. Although you can put on a cocktail dress that has a signature of here is the money for your campaign.

When choosing your formal attire, it is always safe to stay on your comfort zone. Avoid dressing sexy or exotic if you know you cannot pull it off. Put on something that you can easily glide and stride. Find a pair of comfortable shoes and an elegant dress or suit. Put on minimal accessories. If it is a daytime even, you can put on strong colors that blends well with daytime light, for night events pick out colors that reflects well on a disco ball. The very basic in dressing up for a formal occasion is to find something to wear that best bring out your body or hide it if it is not as pleasing as you think and a color that will illuminate the face. Every time you go to a formal occasion, you have to dress up on something that will make people remember how good you look on the dress or attire and not how good the outfit is.

Add Humor to Your Wardrobe

Men rarely have dysfunctional wardrobe set. Most men who even consider putting on  one would usually fill them with suits and expensive set of tuxedos or sportswear for expensive winter sports. But if you are the type who likes it casual ,fresh and revived ,that your closet is full of casual golf shirt and coffee date shirts set, then you should consider adding Humor to your set  to bring out a funkier side of your casual clothing diet.

Humor is one of the finest clothing line for men that provides funky and trendy pieces of unconventional shirts and sleek designed denims that offers both comfort, fashion and an extra character. It sets out your funny and crazy side. If you want to effortlessly tell your family and friends just how ultra-crazy and happy you are, you can put them on and see that they will react to you on your funny side and not the typical you that they know. Humor wardrobe is composed of statement shirts and funny antics that can only be appreciated by looking at them and realizing what the statement offers. They also come in off photography lay outs that tends to bring out the individuality of the wearer. They come with wider spaces for leg movement and unconventional zippers.

Putting on character shirts identifies the inner child of the wearer. Putting on crazy pair ups of happy images and crazy thoughts emits the unrestricted and hassle-free character of a person. Whatever you decide to put on, it is advised that put them on, only if you are comfortable showing them off and if the get tangled up with your personality. The best way to get around wardrobe malfunction is to start putting on a few pairs, experiment on them and if it works to your advantage and satisfaction, you are on your way to take fashion on the streets.

Tips for Choosing the Right Figure Competition Suits

Figure competitions are often times rigid and painstaking. They are conducted in such a way that every inch of your body should come out perfectly contoured and that every pore on your skin has enough breathing space to stand the heat of the competition and to pass upon the hefty requirements of physical beauty. It starts with a strenuous fitness regimen that carves every known fat into muscle and proportion the skin to get a tight finish with a glowing shine. The next step would be, finding the perfect suit to go with the body, color tone and physical shape.

Deciding on a suit is both critical and ambitious; critical in the sense that you have to pick out the best from the best. Ambitious in a way that you put on the suit with the thought that it is the winning piece, and as you dress it on, it add confidence to your aura and stature, making you stand out from the rest of the contestants. The first step is deciding on what type, is it a one piece suit or a two piece suit? Or it can also be something wholly customized and design to perfectly obey the contours of your body to give a bedazzling image. Opt for something that will complement your skin tone. Do not attempt to find a suit that has your favorite color. Never go with the instincts of your mind, go with the demands of your body. Remember that this is a body figure competition. Determine the most appropriate cut that will show off your best assets. If you have a good upper body muscle, put on bareback cuts, something that covers you private parts at the back but one that has enough opening to show off your muscular physique . For those with shorter legs, wear bathing suits that give out the strength of your lower extremities at a glance. For women who can pull of a two-piece bikini, then do it, otherwise stay on the safe side. Lastly, make sure that you have enough budget to purchase every piece that you want to put on during the competition. Find those that will give additional touch to your body like sequin