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Katie McGrath never thought of joining the acting profession and making a career out of it. She was studying in Trinity College with History as a subject. After graduating she found her interest in fashion journalism and joined Image, a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Soon after this, she got a job as a wardrobe assistant in 2007, with the television series The Tudors. While working, she was advised to try acting, following which she sent her photographs to the agents in Irish entertainment industry. Soon after, she got her first break in the same year in television-film Damage. 

In 2007 itself, she also got starred in The Tudors, and success soon followed her. However, the big break was in 2008 with the BBC hit series, Merlin, where she portrayed the role of an evil lay Morgana. Many more roles were offered which included a role in W.E, which was the directorial debut of Madonna in the year 2011. Even though venturing into the field of acting was not intentional, she did not fail to experiment with her work and kept entertaining the audience beautifully. In the British-American horror drama TV series, Dracula, she portrayed Lucy Westenra. 

She contributed to both the television as well as film industry with her talent and hardwork. Her noteworthy and well-known performances include the superhero action-adventure TV series Supergirl and her character name was Lena Luthor. Canadian horror anthology TV series Slasher, where she played Sarah Bennett and an adventure science fiction film Jurassic World where she played Zara. Since then till 2019, she has been a part of major TV series and movies and music videos also. The characters she played have catapulted her to success. Her work did not stop here as she also was approached to lend her voice for animation movie characters. 

Since her career started in 2007, she has done numerous movies and TV series and documentaries which have given her great option to explore. She has given life to all the characters she has essayed; however, the most admired role was in the medieval series Merlin of Lady Morgana. Here she excellently portrayed the evil and ever scheming blue-blooded witch and earned immense positive review. She also was nominated twice for the outstanding actress for her drama series in the Monte Carlo TV Festival. Things turned around for McGrath way back in 2007, when she was recommended to start thinking about acting as a career option as she was a natural in front of the camera.