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Katie McGrath started her career as a fashion journalist in fashion and lifestyle magazine Image. Thus it is an undeniable fact that her knowledge with regards to fashion is more than general people around her. Her fashion sense is impeccable and many interviews have been taken where her natural style sense can be seen. She is not only renowned for her movies and TV series but also for her chic and trendy fashion sense. She has moved to London which is also one factor that influences the choc style statement of hers.

When asked how she would elucidate her style sense, she said while she works she likes to wear something comfortable. Her style is easy and relaxing like a t-shirt and jeans. When she is not working and going out she makes some effort and dresses up according the occasion. As for colour, she likes a lot of black, skinny jeans and knitwear with very high heels. She also added that as her mother worked as an assistant to a fashion designer, she would knit lots of thick and bulky scarves, gloves and hats which she would love to wear.

Her style icon is Helena Bonham Carter and she likes her style because she wears what she likes. Adding more to the interview, she said that when she gets ready herself, she takes less than 10 minutes because of the minimal styling she follows. A look into her wardrobe and it can be seen that it is a nice blend of both top designers as well as high street style. Almost 65-70% of her wardrobe has black in it and the wardrobe is a walk-in closet. The most expensive item of clothing in her closet is a beautiful Balenciaga flight jacket which she got as a birthday gift. 

Her closet has approximately 50 pairs of shoes but she wears about only 25 of them. When asked which piece of clothing would she save when the house burns down, she said a Laine cashmere coat. This, she bought for herself, which was one of the first designer pieces. For accessories, she always wears a gold pocket watch with two rings in it and this belonged to her grandmother. This is her family ring along with a Victorian mourning ring which was gifted to her. In addition to this, she always wears her diamond earrings. Adding to it all, she loves the fact that for every achievement of hers, her mother gifts her diamond earrings.