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Dear Chakras, Love Abba; the world’s first chakras themed Reality Television show.It was made as the world’s first chakras themed travel direct accessible.

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This made style Travel Guide was made and motivated by Abba Banks. This is a millennial guide for those swashbucklers who are looking for perspectives and encounters that invigorate the Soul, Body, and Mind. Travel the Chakras locationsfrom Mount Kailash, Tibet to Mount Shasta, USA. This additionally incorporates Chakra balance data that is strong just as craftsmanship by Abba Banks. You will associate with Mother Earth as you never have.


Chakras are the refined focuses of vitality that are situated on the human body from the spinal base to the exceptionally top of the head. There are seven (7) key chakras situated along the hub channel. This chakra with its mantra supervises a specific component, plane of being and substantial or mental reason. All chakras ought to be adjusted and solid so as to lead a considerably more satisfying life.

What are chakras

Chakras are vitality pockets, 4-6 creeps in distance across which controls andrejuvenates the lively requests of a body both rationally just as physically. To debilitate and enable our lives, these chakras should be supported, washed down, just as improved by gemstones or precious stone treatment, mudras or finger acts just as activities.


Each chakra has its beej mantra that should be rehashed a specific number of times, a managing divinity, a task component, a plane of presence and a reason. Chakra that are helped can present exceptional forces of clairaudient (who can comprehend sounds that others can’t), who can get negative and positive energies and a visionary who can see hues just as things past the first.

Chakras themed Reality TV

Dear Chakras, Love Abba; the world’s first chakras themed Reality Television show pretense September 2019 in NYC through MNN station 56, accessible overall gushing by means of