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Katie McGrath

Katie Mcgrath is a popular Irish actress. Born on October 24,  1983 in Ashford, Ireland, her full name is Katherine Elizabeth McGrath. She came to limelight by acting the character of Morgana in the series Merlin, which was telecast in BBC One series. After dating for 6 years with her Merlin co star Colin Morgan, she got engaged to him finally in 2016. Though she graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a degree in history, but later on she pursued her career in a different stream. She started as a wardrobe assistant on the sets of The Tudor, where she was advised to try out her luck in acting.

A Glorious Start

Starting her career in fashion journalism in Image magazine, Kate Mcgrath gradually shifted to acting. Her stint as an actress started in the Irish TV movie Damage, but it was her role in Merlin in the third series in 2010 that brought her to limelight and attain the status of national fame.

In 2007, she acted in her debut film named Damage. She has also acted in many films including W.E., A Princess for Christmas, and then Jurassic World in 2015. She was also noted as Elsa in the fantasy film named King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Her roles in different shades have also earned repute and add glory to her acting life.

Her role as Lucy Westernra in the series named Dracula in 2013 and 2014 also earned her great reputation. Starring as Beth in the movie The Jurassic World, she got huge applause for the role. She got the second prize in the UK SFX awards in the year 2013 for being the best actress in The Merlin.



Katie McGrath in Supergirl 

Kate Mcgrath was taken in to play the role of Lena Luthor from the second season of Supergirl. Impressed by her performance, she was promoted as a regular in the third season from March 2017. Her performance in different shades is a proof that she is talented in different types of roles and she fits into a wide variety of roles. Her presence also gives an additional layer of color to the character she plays.



Katie Mcgrath in Merlin

She got noticed in the minds of the viewers in this series Merlin by playing the role of Morgana Pendragon. The series was aired on BBC and became popular among the viewers. She was nominated in the category of Outstanding Actress, Drama series in the Monte Carlo TV festival in the year s 2009 and 2011. She added a new flavour to the character in this series and the role was greatly appreciated by the viewers.



Katie McGrath Photo Shoots

Being one of the hottest women in Europe, her photos are in high demand. If you go through this photo gallery, you will feel high on her. You will really fall in love with her if you go through some of her hottest pictures ever seen. You will love to see the combination of elegance and beauty if you go through this picture gallery.

Latest Spicy Photo Shoot

Katie McGrath Photo Shoot

Katie McGrath Photo shoot

Katie McGrath Feet

Katie Mcgrath Books

Not only acting, Kate Mcgrath has also showed her talent in writing as she has authored popular books like The Mark of Nimueh and A Fighting Chance. She is also an avid reader of books and enjoys reading, too. Her books have quite a great demand in the market and readers really love to read her style of writing. A multi-talented lady, in the true sense of the term.

Her books are so much appreciated by the readers that many Katie Mcgrath book club pages have been opened by her Fans. One can find in those pages some of the books recommended by the actress and also one can name of some books recommended by her fans. These books are more on the adventure niche and readers find them interesting to read.

Latest News

Here you will find all latest news about this great and beautiful Irish actress. Read more about Katie Mcgrath and get on your tips all news, both sensational and also about your favourite star’s films, boyfriend and dating events.

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Katie McGrath – Movie

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Katie McGrath – TV shows

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Katie McGrath – Entertainment

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